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Welcome to TripTracker Support

The following pages, articles and tutorials are to assist  our Current Subscribers in maintaining their TripTracker Software.

  • New Users - just finished Installation! Now what is next? Tips and tutorials to help new users become more familiar with TripTracker.
  • Current Users - Tips and webinars to help you maintain your TripTracker program.
  • Downloads - Updates, upgrades and other materials to keep our TripTracker Customers current.

NOTE: As of June 30, 2016, ICVerify will no longer support ICVerify.

TripTracker has replaced ICVerify with a new integration to Chosen Payments' back-end processing network.  This new solution is easier to setup, runs much faster, and requires no software at your end - TripTracker talks directly to the Chosen Payments network in the background.

Requesting Support (requires log-in)

  • Check out the "Easy Fixes" for details on how to fix the more frequent, simple problems that may occur.
  • We have replaced the email form with a ticket system. Fill out the request, it will be sent to our tech support staff.
  • Active Chat Help. Chat live with a tech to answer your questions and solve your tech issues.
  • Phone support: Our techs are available for more complex issues, training and installation support.

We also included a FAQ section and a form to renew your TripTracker Annual support. Remember if you set-up Auto Renewal you save $100!

To view User Sections you MUST have a current Annual support account. Please log in with your TripTracker ID. or go to our renewal form to bring your subscription up to date.

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